The interval program ⊶

⊳ a tool for composers ⊲

∇ This program creates an entire sequence of pitches

from a set of music intervals. It utilzes changes in

interval direction to produce a continuous series of

outcomes that are all made from the same core interval set. Δ

⊠ 1=minor 2nd, 2=Major 2nd,

3=minor 3rd, 4=Major 3rd,

5=Perfect 4th, 6=Tri-tone ⊠

for example: 2,5,3,1

⋊ It only accepts 1 through 6

because the largest interval needed to

reach any pitch from any other pitch

pitch is a tri-tone.⋉

page will reset if you do it wrong

[max length 9 intervals]

★ This option determines the order of the ascending and

descending interval directions as they are applied to

the sequence of intervals entered. ★


• systematically applies every permutation starting with

all ascending intervals, and then proceeds through the

permuations sequentially until ending with all descending.


• uses every permutation available but in random order.


• uses random permuations in random order with possible repetition.

Note: The provided permuations use the

last pitch from the previous line to

start the next permutation and because

of this the entire list consists of only

the interval pattern.

Special thanks to Jon Coe for technical guidance